Swap Sale Finds

The middle school in our neighborhood had a swap sale/plant sale yesterday, and we stopped by to check it out.  We went during the last hour of the sale, which was great for me because a lot of people were literally trying to just give everything away.  I found a lot of really cool little accessories for $2.00 total.


This seller had an enormous collection of pins.  There were a few of my favorites — I especially like this “Safe Driving Award” pin (no accidents for 18 years!!!) and the weird masonic pin.  Other pins clockwise from top left as follows: Japanese ship pin from some Disney store, enamel bird pin, “Wurstfest 2008,” masonic cubic zirconia pin, scouts “Be Prepared pin,” and the gold star.


The Slytherin in me couldn’t resist this snake ring, although it only fits on my pinky (one downfall of bouldering is that it makes your fingers thick).


These last guys were sitting in the “FREE” box, and are clearly the leftovers of a child’s geode-breaking set, haha.  However, I have a hard time resisting something shiny, PARTICULARLY if it is free, so these went up with me (much to my boyfriend’s chagrin).