DIY Weasley is Our King Patch

Embroidery plus my love of all things Harry Potter (20 years since the first book was published!!) resulted in a Weasley is our King patch:

weasley is our king patch

If you are as big of a Potter Head as I am, you’ll know that the song Weasley is Our King was originally created by the Slytherins to intimidate Ron Weasley during quidditch games. However, it was “taken back” by the Gryffindors after Ron helped the Gryffindor Quidditch Team win the cup in Order of the Phoenix.

Here’s how you can make your own!

  1. Choose two pieces of felt in different colors.  I chose red and gold (because Gryffindor, of course).
  2. On the piece you want for the inner crown, embroider the words Weasley is Our King.
  3. Cut the felt out around the words in the shape of a crown.
  4. Place the crown on your second piece of felt (the “border color”).  Secure it with a pin or needle.
  5. Stitch the crown onto the fabric.
  6. Cut the border fabric to create a centimeter or so border around the first crown.

Voila!  Use as a patch or attach a pin back.  Wear while singing the song of your choosing.

Weasley can save anything,

He never leaves a single ring,

That’s why Gryffindors all sing:

Weasley is our King.