Embroidered Mini Draw String Bags / Pouches

I’ve been trying to move out of the realm of felt patches and try some new mediums for my embroidery.  I got this homey loose-weave cotton situation at the fabric store a few weeks ago and started making these little embroidered bags:


I like the idea of having a purpose for my embroidery — patches or bags or something, where the embroidery is part of a usable object.  I’ve been keeping little charms or my favorite jewelry in these bags.  It’s also nice to have a small area to work on specific techniques — for example, learning to do the roses, or practicing the french knots on the salvia-style flowers.

Here’s how you can make one too:

Create a pattern for your bags (if you like).  I cut an old cereal box to the bag dimensions I wanted (“bag space” of 2” x 2” with about two centimeters of seam allowance at the top, one on each side.  I used this pattern so all my bags would be about the same size.

If your bag will be bigger than your hoop, go ahead and cut your fabric.  If your bag is smaller than the hoop you want to use, just do your embroidery and cut it later.

Embroider your pretty picture.  Ooh, great job!  (If you didn’t cut your fabric yet, go ahead and do that now).

Fold down the tops of the side where you want your opening.  I folded it down by about a centimeter.  Stitch across the top to create a tube on each end for your drawstring (I used a straight-stitch and doubled back on some bags to create one solid line).


Fold the bag in half and make the outside faces kiss.  Sew up the sides of the bag, being careful not to sew the two drawstring tubes at the top shut.

Turn your sewn bag inside out.  Cool, it’s a bag!

Take a piece of thread or string and pull it through each of the tubes.  Knot the ends together.  Oh, wow!  You just made a cute little drawstring pouch!


Here’s what you can do with it:

You should fill it with treasures, or secrets, or treasures that are secrets or secrets that are treasures.  Or, give it to a friend!  Fill it with treasures and give it to a friend!  Fill it with secrets and bury it in a coffee can so that a hundred years from now some kids will dig it up and have a spooky mystery to solve!


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