Here, Lately

Climbing has been a lot slower these days.  My knee continues to occasionally lock up, my shoulder has been aching, and today at the gym I “tweaked” my right hand somehow so now when I extend my thumb it hurts quite a bit.  Climbing out here is a lot harder, probably because we’re actually in the vicinity of quite a bit of real rock, whereas NYC was a little dry in that area.  I’m not a huge fan of the setting at our new gym — it’s a LOT of reachey, dynamic moves (and by reachey, I mean that several problems supposedly at my grade require moves that are a few inches larger than my full extension).  However, I keep sticking at it, although spirits have been low.  I’ve been stuck at V5 indoors since last year, and I don’t want to even get started on my performance outdoors.  Not good, to say the very least.

Denver is fine although after four months it still isn’t home.  “Home” as in the place where my boyfriend and I live together is great — it’s nice to finally live with him and only him — but we’ve a long way to go before we find all our favorites and look forward to coming back to this town after leaving.  Anyway, I got accepted into graduate school at the University of Denver (hoorah) so I’m hoping that once classes start and I have a job where I talk to people other than elementary students, I’ll make some friends.

More and more I’ve been turning back to art to make myself feel better.  I’ve always been quite an avid painter and crafter, although I didn’t really have the time or space to keep up with anything other than crochet and knitting in New York.  Here, we have the luxury of an apartment without roommates and that we can afford without working a million hours a week.  Both of those things help in supporting creative endeavors. So, don’t be surprised if more of that turns up in posts.  

Anyway, thank you for reading.  I’m trying to focus more on being grateful lately, so here are some things I am grateful for:

  • My car that continues to work
  • Audio books
  • My boyfriend hiding pictures of himself in funny places to make me laugh
  • Snacks

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