We Moved to Denver

NYC will always be the number one city in our hearts, but when the boy came back from Bhutan, we decided it was time to try a new adventure. And so, we moved… to Denver.

Why not, right?

We wanted somewhere with (easier) access to the great outdoors. While living in NYC, boyfrand and I spent most weekends with good weather leaving the city and driving the two hours north to go climbing in the Gunks. So, if most of our free time was spent leaving the city, why pay the millions of dollars in rent to live there? In Denver, we still get a tiny bit of the vibe of a city with the beautiful Rocky Mountains right on our doorstep. There are bouldering spots a scant 25 minute drive from our apartment — much closer than the two hours by car and hour by train to get to the Gunks. For long weekends and mini-vacations, we’re just about 5 ½ hours from Moab, 7 hours from Joe’s Valley, and 10 from Hueco.

We’re both from the east coast, and we’ve never lived anywhere “out west” before. It’s great to have (more) convenient access to beautiful US places we (or he or I) have never been before — Yellowstone! Badlands! It’s my dream to spend two weeks or so going on an Americana national parks road trip (you know, while we still have national parks to go to).

Another perk about Denver is that, although it’s considered an expensive city, it’s laughably cheap compared to New York. We were able to get a one-bedroom apartment just for the two of us that doesn’t leave us broke at the end of every month — something that, as a nearly 30-year-old, I appreciate, and something that in NYC would have been prohibitively expensive unless we both switched out of our careers in teaching and non-profit and went into the escort business.

Anyway, it’s been about a month, and we have an apartment and jobs. I had to buy a car (an expense you don’t need to worry about in NYC), but at least I don’t have to ride the subway anymore. We’ve been on two bouldering trips and a hiking trip — so far, so good! We both definitely miss the thrill of living in New York — particularly the world class museums and food from every corner of the world available at literally any time of night — but we’re excited to try something new.