Review: prAna Flannel-Lined Boyfriend Pant

I’m not much of a “gear,” person.  I don’t have to have the best of everything; my bouldering outfits usually consist of whatever I can pile on top of myself to keep from freezing if it’s too cold outside.  My gym wear usually consists of old t-shirts and leggings under athletic shorts.  However, I agreed to go out bouldering with the gang on a thirty-four degree day; preparations were necessary.  I set off to REI to find something that would prevent me from dying of exposure.

What I found was prAna’s flannel-lined boyfriend pant.  The sizing surprised me — not only was I able to fit into a size zero, but even with a pair of leggings underneath it, they were still a little big.  I would not recommend these for any of you chicas that fit comfortably in something like a Forever 21 size 0 — you’d probably be swimming in them.  I’m really glad I was able to try them on, because I probably would have ordered a “2” online and then been super bummed when they fell off my butt into a flood of fabric on the floor.  They’re also a bit long, so be prepared to roll the cuffs.

These are a lot more flexible than they look.  They’re a cotton-poly-spandex blend, so there’s a bit of stretch to them, and not once during our session did I feel like they impaired my movement.  They’re lined with super-soft flannel, so it feels like you’re slipping on a pair of pajama pants.  Paired with my leggings, I couldn’t even feel how cold the rock was.  And as for what makes up the most of bouldering time — standing around — these pants definitely made it more comfortable.  

Original retail price was $100, but I got them on sale for $70.  These are easily the most expensive pants I’ve ever bought, especially given the fact that I bought them for what essentially amounts to rolling around in the dirt.  If they hadn’t been on sale, there was no way in hell they would be coming home with me.  Now, I realize the high price actually covers a lot of things, most importantly the use of non-sweatshop labor and sustainable production techniques, etc., which is why I was willing to pay so much in the first place.  However, I was definitely nervous about taking such an expensive gamble on a brand that I had no experience with.  Luckily, they’re great!  A+, highly recommend.  


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