2015 Daily Checklist

My Christmas vacation at home (the first in five years) is quickly coming to a close, and I fly back to NYC (and “reality”) on Monday. In order to keep myself accountable for my own life, particularly during my unemployment, I’ve created a 2015 Daily Checklist. My goal is to complete one activity from each category every day.

The list covers four areas – mind, body, arts/craft, and life upkeep. I divided it into categories because I want more balance in my life. Instead of just focusing on the areas I like, I want to focus on all sorts of areas and give myself a lot of options for days when I get tired of or don’t feel like doing the same things.

2015 Daily Checklist


Meditate for 20 minutes
Study Spanish for 30 minutes
Write 500 words
Write a blog article
Read for 30 minutes

Do 30 minutes of Yoga
Exercise for 30 minutes
Take a long walk
Go to the gym

Paint/draw/collage for 30 minutes
Knit/crochet/sew for 30 minutes
Misc. craft for 30 minutes
Take 5 new photographs
Work on Zine for 30 minutes

Apply for a new job
Do laundry
Clean (bedroom/bathroom/kitchen)
Go to the grocery store
Go to the library


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